L A Warren Lawyers

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Forward Thinking


We’re a professional CBD based legal practice, that is forward thinking.

We embrace technology to improve client service, staff satisfaction and business practice.

Now, that’s a smart way of doing business!

It’s all part of the corporate culture of who L A Warren Lawyers are:








We are a boutique legal office who strives to provide our clients with the most comprehensive legal representation possible.

Our office address is based in Little Collins Street, which is in the heart of Melbourne’s Legal Precinct.  We offer clients the ability to meet face-to-face in our office, via video conferencing, on their premises or we can outsource conveniently located mediation, conference or meeting rooms as and when needed.

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Since Covid-19, business practice has changed dramatically with many legal professionals setup to work remotely.  During this period, even the court systems began conducting hearings via video conferencing.

Feeding off the change in the way business is now conducted, L A Warren Lawyers employs a forward thinking corporate structure.

L A Warren Lawyers embraces technology and employs the best software and security systems to ensure our client’s information is kept secure.   Our client portal is designed as a way of proving our clients with the best case management experience in the most secure environment.


Our business structure embraces the future and provides benefits of:

  • being client focused – by offering our clients the option to avoid coming into the CBD and instead conducting meetings via video calls, onsite visits or geographically convenient meeting rooms.
  • increasing staff happiness by improving their work/life balance – Our staff have the ability to work remotely which gives them the benefits of no travel time into work.
  • investing resources in cutting edge technology for greater business efficacy.
  • reducing carbon imprint on our environment via paperless workflows and remote working limiting usage of transportation
  • business flexibility – the ability to quickly change and adapt to a constantly changing business environment.