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Litigation Articles

New Developments in Building Permit Levy Calculations

Building Permit Levy Calculations have been bought into the limelight in a significant legal development in the construction industry where the Supreme Court overturned a decision made by the Building Appeals Board. The case, titled May21 Pty Ltd v Building Appeals...

Domestic Building Disputes – 3 VCAT Radical Changes

Recently there have been significant legal developments that may have huge implications for domestic building disputes, particularly those brought before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). 1. No Limitation Periods for Statutory Claims in VCAT...

Building Disputes – How an Experienced Building Disputes Lawyer Can Help

How a Building Disputes Lawyer can help you Are you having trouble with a building dispute and don't know what to do? Building disputes can be hard to solve without the help of an expert lawyerwho knows what they're doing. Find out how a lawyer who...

An Awesome Display of Advocacy Skills

Some of the World’s Best Advocacy Skills have been displayed in the US Supreme Court, when hearing the case of Students for Fair Admissions v. University of NC. Most impressive was General Elizabeth Prelogar who appeared for the US Military Academies.