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Leonard Warren

Principal of L A Warren Lawyers
Leonard Warren

Leonard Warren


Having been a lawyer at Russell Kennedy Lawyers for over 27 years, Leonard Warren started up L A Warren Lawyers, a boutique legal firm practising in litigation and resolving commercial disputes on 1 July 2022.


LLB (Hons),  Masters of Building and Construction Law, BSc.

Prizes and Awards

Banking Law Prize for Top Student (Monash University)

Leo Cussens Institute Advocacy Award 1994



Leonard Warren is a Melbournebased solicitor who is an expert in litigation and commercial dispute resolution. He has been in the legal profession for over 25 years and has extensive experience in the industry. He is an experienced and respected solicitor who is dedicated to providing superior legal services to his clients. His expertise in litigation and commercial dispute resolution is second to none, and he is highly sought after by both individuals and businesses alike.

Leonards out of the box thinking involves using unconventional ways to approach cases, such as finding new angles and strategies to win cases.  He believes that by looking at a case from a different perspective, a successful outcome can be achieved.  Leonard is willing to challenge conventional wisdom and explore novel ideas. He is also open to challenging legal precedent in order to find new solutions. Leonard’s out of the box thinking is complemented by his ability to think on his feet. He often comes up with innovative solutions on the spot, which helps him win cases. He is also a great listener and can quickly understand the dynamics of a case and come up with smart solutions.

Leonard has a wealth of experience in a variety of legal matters, such as contract disputes, property disputes, commercial disputes, and general litigation. He also has extensive experience in resolving disputes in a range of industries including building and constructionproperty and aged care. He provides clients with sound legal advice and advocacy, together with a clear understanding of the complexities of the legal process.

Leonard has earned a reputation for being a highly reliable and knowledgeable solicitor. He has a deep understanding of the legal principles that apply to commercial disputes, and is able to provide clients with comprehensive advice and guidance on a range of issues. He has successfully managed numerous cases involving complex commercial disputes, and has achieved successful outcomes for his clients.

In addition to his expertise in litigation, Leonard also has a great deal of experience in dispute resolution. He is highly sought after for his expertise in negotiation and mediation, and has helped many clients resolve their disputes without having to go to court. He works with both individual clients and businesses in resolving all types of disputes, from simple disagreements to complex business matters.

Leonard is passionate about providing his clients with the best possible service and outcome for their case. He believes in providing clear and straightforward advice to his clients, and he works hard to ensure that they understand every step of the process. He is also committed to keeping uptodate with the latest legal developments and trends.

Leonards approach to dispute resolution is based on his strong commitment to finding the best possible outcome for his clients. He employs a variety of tactics to reach a successful resolution, such as negotiation, mediation and litigation. Leonard also provides his clients with sound advice on how to avoid future disputes.


Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.  From a young age Leonard was known for his keen intellect and was given a choice of which schools to accept a full high school scholarship.

Coming from a family of lawyers, when the time came, he chose to enter the profession and proved himself to be a talented litigator, having been made a Senior Associate after 1 year and a Partner after only 5 years.



He is an alumni of Mount Scopus Memorial College, Monash University (undergraduate degrees), and Melbourne University (Masters degree).




Leonard is community minded.  He is a long standing member on the Law Institute of Victoria’s Ethics Committee and a Committee member of the Kollel of Advanced Jewish Education Ltd.  Additionally, he has provided many hours of pro-bono advice for local educational and not-for-profit institutions, and for disadvantaged individuals.




As an educator and mentor Leonard has:

  • been a guest speaker for the University of New South Wales in respect of Building and Construction Law.
  • presented on Building and Construction Law to the Building Industry.
  • presented on the Law of Cost Recovery to other legal professionals.
  • mentored many young lawyers who have gone on to develop their own careers or begin their own legal practice.


In the Limelight

Leonard has proven his strong orator skills when he has:

  • appeared as Solicitor Advocate in all Jurisdictions including the High Court of Australia.
  • been interviewed on ABC radio national in respect of the enforceability of speed camera penalties.
Personal Interests

Leonard is a keen Talmudic Scholar, with a great love of learning.  When he’s not engrossed in his learning, you’re likely to find him SCUBA diving with tropical fish and coral in Far North Queensland..


SCUBA diving with clown fish and coral
Leonard with a sea turtle!